Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blame me

(Strings INTRO)

The shiny sun blasts down upon my face, the crescent kills my dream
Travelling long and drifting far away, away from where I’ve been
Taking you to another world, a world that no one’s seen
Pleasing them who laugh at my face, I’m prone to disgrace

(Strings + Guitar solo)

All the words and lines that we speak, favours your desire
I give away all that I have, there’s nothing more to loose

(Strings + Guitar + Horns Bridge)

Oh, Oh, blame me, I’ll do the same
I will do it again
I’ll keep doing the same

(Strings + Guitar + Horns Bridge)

Say, I love you
And, deny your name
There is no one to save me
But me from myself (X2; entire section)

Save me from myself (HIGH-PITCH)

(Strings Bridge)

The storm leaves no trace like my dreams without a face
You’re found alone with your doubts, sick in sweet pain
I will not return again and nor shall you, an untimely phase
So, enjoy the moment of fame, this moment of shame

(Strings + Guitar solo)

Oh Lord, look at them who seek pleasure in pain
When did I stop living my existence? Ooh, lost on this path to nowhere

Path to somewhere

(Guitar bridge)

Oh, blame me, blame me and only me, nobody else
I cannot, I will not stop going this way, yeah

(Strings solo)

Oh, just blame me, and only me, nobody else
No one else to be blamed but me, blame me
Blame me and only me, nobody else

There is no one to save me
But me from myself

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2008 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675; ajeypadival@msn.com)

Image by Chelsie Carolyn

26 responses:

Rikkij said...

The storm leaves no trace like my dreams without a face-very nice, indeed. a soft pulling in all the way through. Nice work ~Rick

Brosreview said...

@Rikkij - Thank you!!!

Poetikat said...

Brosreview - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for following me. I really enjoyed reading your song lyrics and would love to hear the music.
The Schubert accompanying your blog is wonderful! He's one of my favourite composers.

I'll be adding you to my dashboard too.


Hey - I notice you're in Australia. I would be pleased if you'd read the poem I wrote entitled "After the Fire".

Shadow said...

jubilation!!!!! i've found my favourite!!!!! simply love it! this WILL be a hit considering the lyrics here!

Brosreview said...

@Poetikat - Thank you!!! Yea, sure, I shall check out your poem soon.

Brosreview said...

@Shadow - Wow, thanks for that Shadow!!!

The Write Girl said...

Great song Brosreview. Also, great opening line "The shiny sun blasts down upon my face, the crescent kills my dream." Your words evoke great images here.

Brosreview said...

@The Write Girl - Thank you so much!!!

Alexandra Garland said...

Love your song and love the theme!!! We are not always on the right path and that's ok, but taking the responsibility for everything that happens in our life means reaching the highest level consciousness. Great writing!! I’d like to hear your lyrics with music some day…

Brosreview said...

@Alexandra - You are so right. Thanks for identifying that. And, thanks for appreciating my lyrics.

Make Me Disappear said...


I loved it this more than anything. Great theme, great execution. Clarity of thoughts..

I loved the chorus part..And I cudnt stop humming it...

Oh,Oh, blame me, I'll do the same
I will do it again
I'll keep doing the same...

Neat and flawless..


Brosreview said...

@Make Me Disappear - Thank you Rahul!!!

Anonymous said...

Although I like very much Ajey, there are a couple of 'nits' that I want to 'pick' You know with me though to take or trash, you.

A puzzlement for me:
'pleasing them who laugh at my face'
I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. That they laugh at your face because there is something wrong with it?
or how about:
'pleasing them who laugh in my face'
But then that becomes a total different meaning. I am just not clear with what you are saying. I think too much Ajey. I think too much about words.
'I give away' = 'I've given away'
or 'I'll give away all that I have, then there's nothing more to looses'
'but me from myself' = 'but myself from I'
It's hard for me to crit lyrics, it's hard for me to crit full stop! Ha!
These are just fleeting thoughts though and like I say 'take or trash'; you.

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - Thank you!!! But, yea, the changes you've suggested completely change the intended meaning I want to convey. Any ways, cheers!!!

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi Ajey,
Just a thought regarding 'pleasing them who laugh at my face' – I like the line as is.
As much as we may not like it, we are dancing to somebody else’s music. Not always by choice we end up conforming to the world we live in and “they” can surely laugh at our face since “they” know we would lose the battle if we chose to pick one… kind of a complex issue.

Brosreview said...

@Alexandra - Hey, that's a realist take on the line, sort of. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

After how Alexandra Garland put it I am understand more *dance* I do get there in the end *sigh* But that's what I love how everybody, reads, hears and thinks differently.

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - "But that's what I love how everybody, reads, hears and thinks differently."

So true!!! And, that's what I like too.

Viji said...

this is an awesome song Ajey.. wanted to ask you something.. u said a lyricist. this song has come as an album? is there anywhere i can listen to your songs? DVD's? online?
would really love to listen everyone of them. i don't knw why i don't what to dissect this but jus wanted to tell u it brought tears to my eyes... your lines is full of feelings...

Brosreview said...

@Viji - Ah, it is 5:30AM here and your comment has made my day, I mean it.

Unfortunately, I am still looking for bands to play my song(s). I imagine all of them with musical components but my skill-set is limited to playing the keyboard alone.

Hopefully, in the near future, I shall post up links.

Yes, I write songs and then categorise them into albums. You can find them as labels on the blog.

Great to read that it brought out emotions. Thank you!!!

Viji said...

it's my pleasure to read your song Ajey... it is 1.12 PM here and i don't have the heart to leave your blog :)
u will find one soon Ajey... maybe go to places where they have a bland and try to give them a song or two.. may be i sound naive coz i don't knw anything abt this... except that you write damn good songs and it just calls out for people to sing... will say good night now :) have a gr8 day.

Brosreview said...

@Viji - Sure, I'll do so. Thank you!!! Good night!!!

sudharm baxi said...

Blame me
blame me
rhymed so beautifully throughout..

Just loved this piece so much ..

i too wrote something with similar rhyming but a shorter piece and on a darker note, if it might interest you..

Kill Me!!

Brosreview said...

@sudharm baxi - Thanks, I am glad you like this one. Yea, sure, I shall check yours right away.

thoughts said...

wonderful and true.

Brosreview said...

@thoughts - Thank you!!