Monday, June 15, 2009

Honour Revenge

(Guitar INTRO)
(Instrumentals – 30 seconds)
(Piano Solo)
(Drums fill)
(Guitar Bridge)
(Guitar + Keyboard Dual)
(Drums fill to stop)
(Piano + Bass only)

Can you recall the time?
The moment you’ve always feared
Will you relive the time?
Were you right? Or, were you wrong?

(Guitar begins - Bridge)
(Drums begin)

I gave myself, unwillingly!
You stood there and watched me struggle!
They tried harder and faster but I was
Saving my last breath until my last

Six hands surround me!
Sick souls dig into me!

Do you ask yourself
Why didn’t you do anything?
Facing the torture
You ignored my trembling hands

(Instrumental Bridge)


(Guitar Solo)

(Vocal and Guitar Dual)
My faith shields my wounded soul!
To save my brother and his name!
I take the blame and punishing!
Haunting memories keep aching!

(Guitar Bridge)

(Drums break)
I cry out His name to the sun and moon
Shower me hope or I shall see you soon

(Drums Begin)
(Instrumentals – 8 seconds)

Raising my voice
For the freedom of the ones
We need You!
Now, comes the time
Reunite and stand tall
Please hear us!
No longer shy
With our heads held up high
We’ll reach You!
Give me the strength to
Raise the light
Raise the hand
Raise the voice

(Guitar Bridge)
(Piano Bridge)

Disgraced are the ones who stay quiet
Helplessness reflects the shocking lie
In the world we die today
People believe the lies more than the cries

(Guitar Bridge)

No one believes my scar’s sincerity
And, how I cry His name five times a day
Lying to be true
They smile and they stab my innocence

(Instrumental Bridge)

I’ve had
Enough of this system!
Enough from this life!
Enough of these blames!
Enough is enough!

I’ll never take the blame for the things that you’ve said
I am innocent, my heart says, my courage stays

(Keyboard Bridge)

I’ll take His name
Five times a day

(Keyboard and Guitar Dual)

Surviving through the toughest times!
There’s blood, there’s mud on my sleeves!
You doubted my future, You doubted me!
I cried Your name into the air!

(Drum Fill)
Raising my voice
For the freedom of the ones
Don’t need You!
Now, comes the time
Reunite and stand tall
Please hear us!
No longer shy
With our heads held up high
We’ll reach you!
Give me the strength to
Raise the light
Raise the hand
Raise the voice

“Honour revenge”!

(Drums Stop)
(Guitar Solo)
(Drums begin)
(Guitar and Keyboard Dual)
(Guitar + Keyboard + Strings)
(All instruments fade out except Bass and Drums)
(Bass Bridge)
(OVERLAPPING BACKGROUND VOCALS –Distinct feminine screams + Ah! Ah! + “liar!” + “God”)
(Instrumentals – 2 minutes)
(False ending – 4 seconds)
(Instant + Simultaneous instrumental and vocal start)

Raising my voice
For the freedom of the ones
Don’t need You!
Now, comes the time
Reunite and stand tall
Someone hear us!
No longer shy
With our heads held up high
We’ll reach you!
Give me my strength back

I’m raising my voice
For the freedom of the ones

Now, it is time to
Reunite and stand tall

We’re no longer shy
Our heads held up high

In search of our respect

We raise the light
Raise our hands
Raise our voice

(Guitar + Keyboard Dual)
(Instrumentals EXTRO)

We raise the light!
Raise our hands!
Raise our voice!

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2007 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675;

Image by Mark L'esperance

67 responses:

Rikkij said...

Wow. this one's a battle cry. A fist up call to arms. Powerful in it's challenge. Nice work, AJ

Woman in a Window said...

This is a powerful one, although I have to say I wasn't sure who the adversary was until half way through. God? Is that who is being railed at? Just trying to understand. Set me straight, Ajey.

Brosreview said...

@Rikkij - Thanks mate! Yes, you can connect it to a war.

Brosreview said...

@Woman in a Window - Yes, it is powerful! Umm, you can connect it to wars like Rick just did. And, yes I have also affiliated God to this subject. So, yes, the "adversary" can be God too. Thanks for reading.

findingmywingsinlife said...

You know its interesting that you were referring to "wars" in this one. That was not what I got out of it.
You see, as I was reading through this, my first thought was "wow, that's a really insightful thing for a guy to write." I don't mean that condescendingly, just that it struck me as something an abused or raped woman might write to let out their anger and frustrations. So for me, I interpreted it as the adversary being the inner battles and wars some women and probably even some men struggle with.

Interesting don't you think?

Brosreview said...

@findingmywingsinlife - Yes, it is interesting and you are spot on.

You see, that's the main theme. But, you could also link this to wars and/or any social injustice incidents and affiliate God with it too.

Thanks for reading.

Viji said...

"Honour Revenge"..

"I gave myself, unwillingly!
Six hands surround me!
Sick souls dig into me!"

That sounded like a women's anguished cry...

feelings that comes out of this song...

helplessness, trust which failed, true ache for freedom and sheer fury laced with hope that the situation can be won if joined hands...

A powerful one AJ...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm read it twice to understand, cuz its so deep filled wit all sorta emotions like rejection, hopelessness.

Initially i felt u r kneeling down n pouring your burden to god.. But then u say "you doubt my future, you doubt me", So i felt u r talkin to someone else.Is tat right??

The line where u r askin to pour the hope else i shall c u soon is a line with such depth.Loved it.

Over all loved the feel of the poem..

Brosreview said...

@Viji - Thank you!!!

Brosreview said...

@blossomblue - Yes, you are right. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ajey,
mA at another lovely piece. I thought of God (5x a day is reminiscent of such for me). I also thought of war, well because of recent ongoings in the world as well as language. - I could see both as a war against God, and calling out to God for help and not understanding why the self did not receive respite. At the same time, maybe even lacking faith...though its being attested to in a way.

I thought of inner struggle and self-battles as well, I live within me. I also thought of just...a lot of frustration. Ok, will stop rambling.

Keep writing please.

Brosreview said...

@Meena - Yes, inner struggle/battle/war, blaming God, crying for help from God,injustice in itself are all the themes here.

Thank you!!!

Ms.R. said...

You reminded me of Mukhtar Mai!! Honor killings/revenge disgust me. In the name of honor, how can anyone - with a living soul - do anything so disgusting. They should be pelted with stones. Pardon my outburst.

You did justice to the theme in your lyrics. I loved it like always. Very powerful.

Brosreview said...

@Ms.R - Evoking a strong emotion from you makes me feel that this is song is really very strong. Thanks for that!!!

J said...

As I read this the first time, I was thinking this is so very RATM-ish.

But, as I read and started comparing it, I reminded myself that they would probably focus more on the "revenge" than on the "honour". And, since you have gone the other way, this is unlike them.

This is a very powerful piece. Your other readers too have identified it.

Yes, I related this to soldiers and war, innocents and social injustice and added God somewhere into the equation.

The ending gives this sturdy feel of a LIVE gig where your audience is feeling you and singing along. It is that intense.

But, what amazes me most is your manner of thinking in this piece.

The start is so unsuitable to the rest of the piece. It is more like you are in a confession box or talking to yourself in the shower after being a victim to face it again.

Once the drums restart, the lines are a scratch on your face.

The "Again!" is quite devastating mate. When I read it imagining the section with music, it seemed more hurtful.

"Disgraced are the ones who stay quiet
Helplessness reflects the shocking lie
In the world we die today
People believe the lies more than the cries"

And, this section is biblically strong! One of the strongest you've written. I love the third line the most as it is most unconventional. I wonder what runs in that brain of yours. Eight years! And, I still haven't figured it out completely.

The disintegrating of the chorus in the end makes it more assertive and strong as well.

Excellent piece! Truly, this is very powerful!

Brosreview said...

@J - That was very long sir! You could have e-mailed it to me instead. Any ways, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking this is something the reader/listener will unravel/take from, according to their own life experiences.
Strong, you.

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - Very true! Thanks for reading!

PULKIT said...

a great work indeed! hard work is visible to the core of it!

ppls contact BPnews for the insertion of that anti piracy code.. she might help u ajey!!
and pls do that... its really valuable for a page like urs!!


Brosreview said...

@Pulkit - Thanks mate!

Jenny said...

I also connect this with war and the desperation is very fierce, honest and emotional. The human vulnerability also feels like theme.

Really great lyrics and powerful!

Brosreview said...

@Jenny - Thanks a lot!

Miss Sunshine said...

Battling through lyrics?
wow! I hate the disgusting warts, seriously. Honour killing and all..
I think they should kill themselves if they have so much of a problem.
and wunnerful lyrics :D

Brosreview said...

@Miss Sunshine - Thank you!!!

thoughts said...

simply fantastic. loved it.

thoughts said...

loved your poem "this is life", you dont let post comments there?

Shadow said...

these are words of determination and of winning the fight, no matter what! love it's strength!

Alexandra Garland said...

Strong words, powerful and well wriitten!! So right about lies...
Good work Ajey!!

mysterious gal said...

this was one powerful lyrics truly!Honour killing is something which really disgust me.....and u conveyed a lot of powerful ideas through this one ....good work :-)

riddhi said...

reminded me of tennyson's charge of the light brigade...
What do I feel about the song-
I raise the light
Raise my hands
Raise my voice
"hail Ajey" :)

HoneyBee said...

Painful... but with retaliation. I wish I could listen to to the actual song.

And BTW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog earlier. Really appreciate them, and in fact I'm honored to have someone with such credibility as you reading my poems. Thanks again.

swati said...

it could be related to so many things..i felt it was a one to one conversation wid the almighty..opening the pain n sorrow of ones him
it was simply superb!

Brosreview said...

@Shadow - Right! Thanks!!!

Brosreview said...

@thoughts - Thank you!!!

Brosreview said...

@thoughts - Oh, I need to check the link for "This is life" then. Thanks for pointing that out. And, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

Brosreview said...

@Alexandra - Thanks a lot! Yes, it is the harsh reality!

Brosreview said...

@mysterious gal - Yes, I am against it as well. Thanks, you!!!

Brosreview said...

@riddhi - Ah! Thanks!

Brosreview said...

HoneyBee - Thanks for the appreciation!

Brosreview said...

@Swati - Thank you! Yes, you can connect them to this song as well.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I sent you an email

The Write Girl said...

Powerful words here AJ and very inspirational. Love the lines "Raise the light, Raise the hand, Raise the voice..."
Nicely written.

Brosreview said...

@inky - Thank you! Yes, I shall get back to you.

Brosreview said...

@The Write Girl - Thank you!!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

I’ve had
Enough of this system!
Enough from this life!
Enough of these blames!
Enough is enough!

These lines rock!!!!!!

Brosreview said...

@Cursed - Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

o0o0o0o0.....u write songs!!!! but i m not into listening songs. I m so disappointed dude, i read your commnets on few poem so i thought i will get to read POLISHED poems and prose. Anyways the lyrics were good.
Since i am not into songs i would not comment anything on the posts as i do not have the habit 2 comment on stuffs i am not good at.

Please visit my blog, I do not invite anyone to my blog as i know i am not a good writter but i would love to see you read my posts once. I just cannot write songs still hope u like whatever i wrote.

NB: Hope next time when i come to your blog i get to read some good poems and stories too, all the best ajey!

Brosreview said...

@Common Man - No problem! I understand! Thanks for reading any ways!

aditya said...

I cannot comment on the whole music setup you did . . . but the lyrics were good. So many emotions running through the words. It is nice.

Brosreview said...

@aditya - Thank you!!!

Catvibe said...

Wow, I can hear this being sung to rally the masses. This is awesome.

Brosreview said...

@Catvibe - That is the general idea. Thanks!!!

zorlone said...


There are so many different interpretations of this song, I am thinking of a prayer. A tired and helpless soul asking for God's mercy.


Brosreview said...

@zorlone - Yes, it is open to many interpretations. Thanks for reading.

Strawberry Girl said...

Power, I see the response from the other bloggers here is the same as my own. This one hits like an anthem of freedom, a cry for unity. Together strong enough to withstand the oppresion. Joining forces, holding hands fist up in the air. How insightful as well. Terrific piece!!

Brosreview said...

@Strawberry girl - Thank you!!!

Judith Ellis said...

Great, Ajey! I think this cry is the cry of many passionate and upright souls who wonder in this world of such unfairness and violence, where is justice and peace? In a world of such selfishness, where is the love?
You have done well here to articulate such raw heartfelt emotions of an innocent one, a pure one, in these lines. Although the voice is determined and defiant, there also seems to be a bewilderment of it all. The song embraces much. It feels like an awakening of sorts--very touching, somewhat painful too.

Brosreview said...

@Judith - Thanks a lot!

Kartz said...

An eye-catching title, and the composition justified it only too well. I agree with *rick*'s view - battle cry...



Brosreview said...

@Kartz - Thank, you!!!

Make Me Disappear said...

This is an OMFG write!

Progressive, is it?

I am actually falling short of words of what I fell about it! Maybe I should better keep it unsaid!

Take a bow Sir!

Brosreview said...

@Make Me Disappear - Thanks, I am glad you liked this one!!!

arjun said...


Heh, it's awesome to see so many interpretations of this song. As I was reading it, it struck me that there were SO many layers to it and people could see it in many ways. I saw the number of comments and only smiled. :)

I chose to dissect it and try and look at it differently and I must say, I was pretty surprised at how beautifully the theme of 'Jihad' fits in. Once the aatmosphere sets in, the protagonists cries for people to stand tall and 'hear us'. The 5 prayers a day fits it perfectly as well. And the whole way you've potrayed the honor involved in doing it, for self and brothers, get the drift.

A VERY thought provoking piece, AJ. I can only imagine the wry smile you'd be sporting seeing all the reactions.

Wish I'd written it. :)

Brosreview said...

@Arjun - Thanks, you!

Saadi said...

Wow!!! This one is really dramatic and somewhat even theatrical I'd say!

Very powerful!!! Yeah, that's right...powerful!

Does it have anything to do with Islam or something related to it?! In a positive light that in the Salvation or something!

Anyhow that's my guess!

Brosreview said...

@Saadi - Yes, it does, at least to a certain extent. Thanks!

Eva said...

This is something I would love to tell someone. All we need is the strength in one thing to make it through. One thing, that's all we need even if everything else turns away. It hurts when everyone else turns away but if you have one you can survive.