Thursday, December 9, 2010


(Keyboard INTRO)
(Guitar + Strings begin)
(Drums begin)

This is how my story
My life in silence
My loneliness asks me
The reason behind
This suicide

A scene from my
Memory speaks
In the words of my silence
The pain blossoms again
And, tells me again

The bouquet of roses
Have fallen down
The withering roses
Shades my soul now

And, I am breathing

Yes, this is how my story
Lost in the fog without a trace
Fear develops
Within me
And, it tells me again

The bouquet of roses
Have fallen down
The withering roses
Shades my soul now

I stand here holding the candle. It shines. But, it also melts away. The wax hurts my palm, but I smile. It stops shining. And, you cannot see me smile. But, I am still smiling. There is no one now. It is just that you cannot see anyone now. I am still here. Feelings peeled away. Only my heartbeat announces my existence. My life, I live. If I live it for someone who makes it worth living, I’d be happier. I’d be stitched back to myself. Every story has an ending. But, this is life. Here, every ending is a new beginning. For now, I am fractured. But, I am breathing, slowly.

(Guitar SOLO)

And, now,
There’s no one with me
But, then
Why do I feel someone is close to me?
Caught in the knots of words
I once meant
I still mean them
I need to break free
To catch my breath
But, I don’t want to
Still, my life wishes to live

This bouquet of thorns
This forest of memories
Cannot see the sun

I live between the stings
Of my memories
I pick my scenes
From the thorns of memories
I look for myself within
My crashing dreams

The shadow from the withered tree
Shades me now
And, I am breathing
Or, am I?

Photo and Effect by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2009-2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675; 

6 responses:

Anonymous said...

I am not gonna write anything here as usual .. you always leave me speechless .. At times i relate to this , and i feel for the person, and as much as i want him to find a ray of hope, i know he might not ! Whoa ! this was emotional treat !! LOved the prose in between a bit too much :)

Jingle Poetry said...

come here from laymue's blog,
signed in to follow your blog.
awesome poetry.
keep it up ..

welcome join JP this Sunday for week 14 potluck poetry.

TechnoBabe said...

Being alive is better than the alternative. The deep feelings you put into your writing is so strong and vibrant.

The Write Girl said...

AJ, I enjoyed your words here. You weave a wonderful story of being fractured and alone. Sad and beautiful.

SarahA said...

I am thinking, we are all fractured in some way and the way you have told such here, I like. Especially the 'spoken words'? inbetween.

Scribbling Girl said...

I was speechless with this it spoke a lot...Ah the sting of true they leave us fractured so many times...loved it :)