Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Believe that I know

(Guitar INTRO)
(Bass and Strings BEGIN)
(Percussion BEGINS)
(Guitar SOLO)
(Drums BEGIN)
(Instrumentals - 5 minutes)

(Choir – AH)


(Guitar SOLO)
(Guitar + Keyboard DUAL – 2 minutes)
(Drums BREAK)
(Bass SOLO)

Ancient gardener
Glassy eyes, warm breath
Deep insight

Chirping robins
Anchored ships, warm breath
Swinging branches

(Drums BEGIN)

Bird tracks
In the fresh snow
Sailing on maple leaves

A delicate breeze
Teases a still pond
Blushing with delicate ripples

You don’t drown in the river you’ve fallen into
But, if you stay still, you’ll never rise again

(Guitar SOLO)

Profound thoughts
Sunrays during winter
Least noise made

Changing forever
It takes as it gives
Water turns to sky

In the middle of the river
With mist on the paddle
I hear the silence

Peace I’ve felt before
Only with you


As you know what I’ve been meaning to say
You’re feeling the way I’m feeling

(Drums BREAK)
(Drums BEGIN)
(Guitar SOLO)
(Drums BREAK)
(Bass SOLO)
(Bass BREAK)
(Strings BREAK)

What I am to you
Is only known to you
Imprisoned inside of me
Is a secret that reveals
How much you mean to me

I still believe...
I will always...

Believe that I know
That I can

(Drums BEGIN)
(Strings BEGIN)

Photo by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675;

17 responses:

Scribbling Girl said...

I loved the rhythms in this one....believing is just one step before achieving and this song resonates those words in ur mind....good piece.

Walker said...

What you believe is real.
What you have is reality

SarahA said...

'Profound thoughts' I am thinking, profound words here; that my eyes are seeing.

Alexandra Garland said...

The words truly inspired by the intense and deep feeling... Beautiful!

ladynimue said...

In the middle .. silence

This verse just captured my whole attention ! loved it more than any other line in the post !!

And i also wanted to tahnk you for your support for my blog .. its a good feeling to see you visit my page again and again :)

Bless you !

TechnoBabe said...

My favorite line in this post is "if you stay still, you'll never rise again." Moving forward can be scary and sometimes painful, but so much better than sinking in place.

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful words...I love how this post centers also on the beauty of nature.

Noelle said...

like this one!

if you stay still you will never rise again....that resonates with me - so true, so very true!

Opaque said...

@Scribbling Girl - Thanks

Opaque said...

@Walker - Very true... just sharing another progressive rock song...

Opaque said...

@SarahA - Thanks!

Opaque said...

@Alexandra - yes, they are. Thanks!

Opaque said...

@ladynimue - Thanks.

Opaque said...

@TechnoBabe - True! Thanks.

Opaque said...

@the Write Girl - Yes, this is a concept album. So, thanks!

Opaque said...
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Snaggle Tooth said...

I like the feelings this imparts-
Profound thoughts indeed! Also I like the words in combination to the image, which I kept going bac to while reading.