Monday, June 14, 2010

Myopic Eyes

Myopic eyes stare through the vapours
Froth from the broth, consumed
Truth in the lies, assumed
The contagious silence
The stinging grief
The paleness in his life
The staleness of his existence
The demons float into him
Into his heart, it creeps
Before he becomes aware 

Photo by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

14 responses:

island of peace said...

this is too powerful. fabulous. i have a small gift for you, to keep me in your mind. :)
will you accept it?
have a beautiful week ahead

Strawberry Girl said...

A new album... reconciling distance?

TechnoBabe said...

I don't think there is truth in lies. Just me. I would not want staleness in my existence. I hope you do not feel like that.

Walker said...

As the veil falls away enlightening the mind of the true nature of being.

Makes me think

findingmywingsinlife said...

there is so much to this one. its the feel of seeing things so clearly yet not, seeing but not feeling, lost but not broken... perhaps I'm a bit off there, I feel like I'm missing something here, but I will figure it out :)

Eva said...

This reminds me of the lonely feeling people have sometimes. You have a way with words.

Opaque said...

@island of peace - Thanks for the complement and the award!

Opaque said...

@Strawberry Girl - Thanks!

Opaque said...

@Technobabe - I agree. And, that is exactly what the song conveys.

Opaque said...

@Walker - True. Thanks.

Opaque said...

@findingmywingsinlife - No, you are not off. Thanks.

Opaque said...

@Eva - Thanks!!!

The Write Girl said...

Another powerful and amazing write AJ. Your words are always rich and deep. I love your latest works.

Opaque said...

@the Write girl - Thanks!!