Friday, June 12, 2009

Splattered Mermaids - Stench of Flesh (2009)

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Grind Core
Label: Bizarre Leprous
Country of Origin: Sweden
Band Formation: 2005
Band Members:
Vocals: Johan Bergstrom
Guitars: Johan Hallberg
Session Bass: Martin Eklov
Session Drummer: Martin Schonherr

Song list:
01.Face Laceration
02. Stench of Flesh
03. Throat Unsafe From A Pair of Scissors
04. Instant Spastic Regurgitation
05. Spliced Girls
06. Circular Holes In The Cranial Structure
07. Corporeal Manifestation
08. By My Blade (2008)
09. Degrading Malice
10. Restless Dreams of Atrocities

Run time: 24 minutes (approximately)

Review: The word that precedes Death Metal in the genre qualifies for a one-word description of this album - brutal.

Yes, when you read or listen to the band’s name it is quite obvious that metal heads step back a bit. But, as you stress on the word Splattered rather than intensifying Mermaids, metalheads get your full-attention. I promise. If you think hard, this band name is the most inappropriate one; let me enlighten your thought process.

What are mermaids? They are mythical creatures whom women idolise to be someday. On the other hand, men fancy one on their bed/wall/ceiling/floor. But, this mermaid here is dead. And, it is not just dead. It is brutally killed until dead. That is, it is dead in the most vulgar, most unfortunate and unimagined manner that it leaves nightmares. Precisely, that is how the music from this band is.

This album is overloaded with sounds that hit your head real hard and lyrics that shall tear you apart. But, I would like to add a description, perhaps, my personal feel as I listened to them. When one listens to a good death metal song one gets an instant feel of being hammered to death. Keep that thought in mind. Now, simultaneously imagine your toe or even your feet being scraped with a saw by a bunch of tipsy lunatics. Yes, that is what I felt when I listened to this brutal death metal band.

Blast beats, grind core brutal and guttural vocals, and groove-like guitar riffs collectively contribute to an ultra brutal music that shall definitely appeal to the niche audience of the genre.

However, I must point out that they haven’t done anything new here. Most brutal death metal bands manage to do so. But, these nut-jobs from Sweden have managed to do it with tad more confidence that you can feel their vengeance filled themes in their lyrics. Instead of kicking off with a comparatively less brutal intro, this band means business by jump-starting with a brutal first track.

Listening to this carnage album shall definitely be added as one of them cardinal sins. I just thought you should be warned.

Highlights of the album: Stench of Flesh, Instant Spastic Regurgitation, Restless Dreams of Atrocities

Links: Splattered Mermaids
Splattered Mermaids on MySpace

Ratings: 7.6/10
Originality: 7
Instrumentation: 8

Written for Headbangers India

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2009 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675;

20 responses:

Rikkij said...

Dude- is this stuff even legal?? I shouldn't have read the tracks til well after supper. What can be so bad in Sweden to make them so angry at mermaids. I don't think I'll ever forget track 6. Not your father's Perry Como! well done review. Keep em coming! ~rick

Brosreview said...

@Rikkij - Thanks mate! Ha! I thought of the same when I was given this record to review. But, you see European metal bands come up with the most original music regardless of it being thoroughly grotesque and sometimes ridiculous.

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi Bros,
Very good review, honest and filled with quite personal opinions that will help me... not to pick up the CD... Sorry, too brutal... The world is not a perfect place, but I can't help to wonder why would so much attention be given by the musicians to the destruction of life...
Well written review!!

Brosreview said...

@Alezandra - Ha! I agree Alex. Thanks for appreciating the review. Frankly, I give these hardcore generic bands a listen strictly to review them.

Strawberry Girl said...

Ouch, even reading about them is scary!! Definantly wouldn't like to meet them in a dark alley.

(Hmmm. they are talking about regurgitation, but isn't that what they are doing...?)

Brosreview said...

@Strawberry Girl - Yes! It is kinda psychotic.

"Hmmm. they are talking about regurgitation, but isn't that what they are doing...?"

My mate reacted the same way as you just did.

Anonymous said...

I liked when u talk abt girls wantin to b mermaids.. N boys wanting 'em by their side. :p

Songs r such brutal ??

I think i have to listen to it once..

Brosreview said...

@BlossomBlue - Do give it a listen but we aware of the lyrics' brutality. Thanks for reading.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

This musical genre is not for me AJ, that I can assure you.

I can't even stand Rock and Roll or it depends because there are rocks that are tolerable.

I wonder if these people realize of the Satanic influence to their music? And I wonder why there are also venues that promote such kind of music? Is Payola at work here regardless?

Kindly read this young man's story and see what he needs to get encouraged by. Thank you.

Chopin 1986 Special

Brosreview said...

@Bonnie - Yes, I understand this genre isn't for everybody.

Umm, I do not consider them to have a Satanic influence in their music because that is classified as a totally different genre. That is a big misunderstanding people presume about this genre.

You will be surprised by the genre's strong fan base. It is nice to see you mention the nautical term "payola" here. I suspect, they don't consider payola here.

Yes, sure, I will read the article you've linked.

Thanks for reading.

Jenny said...

Most Swedes really like mermaids, as far as I know. ;)

Once again you manage to explain something about a music genre that I never listen to. A splendid review, even if I am not a metal fan.

Brosreview said...

@Jenny -

"Most Swedes really like mermaids"

I reckon that is the main reason why these band members chose a band name that would hurt the common fondness in the culture aka to be unconventional.

Thank you!!!

thoughts said...

scary display. it gave me a shock.

read "friends" its cute, and full of fragrance of true friendship. thanks for pointing out.

best wishes.

Brosreview said...

@thoughts - Thanks a lot!

Woman in a Window said...

"When one listens to a good death metal song one gets an instant feel of being hammered to death."

Bros, I'm laughing my ass off on this one. Ooops. There is goes. Just fell to the floor.

You know, and I just watched a terribly open-minded video of Swedish men stripping on primetime tv. But come to think of it, there wasn't one living mermaid in the whole production! HA!

I'm thinking of all the money I've saved by not buying this one. Thanks!

Brosreview said...

@Woman in a window - Ha! I get your point. I mean, one needs some amplification in a review. And, I don't think it does any harm, does it?

I hope none of my death metal fan friends visit to read my review.

Thanks for reading!

mysterious gal said...

well i m not into such hardcore brutal music...but still i liked the way u reviewed it
ur definition of mermaid was just are really great with words and great review :)

Brosreview said...

@mysterious gal - Thank you!!!

Make Me Disappear said...

I've never been a grindcore fan! but yes, I do listen to it occasionally. This is a new band for me. I like their name!

The first thing I did after reading this review was to Google this band. And I was not shocked to see your blog featuring in the top five searches!

A great review, will check this album out shortly!

Brosreview said...

@Make Me Disappear - Same here! I was forced to review this one. Thank you!!!