Thursday, August 5, 2010

A forked tongue

(Drums INTRO)
(Sitar + Bass begins)
(Keyboard + Guitar begins)
(Strings begin)
(Strings + Guitar DUAL)
(Guitar solo)

An entity

(Keyboard BRIDGE)

Look in the mirror
Do you see me?
Somewhere in the distance
Waiting for you
Faith arises
During the darkest hour
Give it a chance
Take a step forward

(Instrumental bridge)

Trusting someone
Is a bigger complement
Than loving someone
If I take a step
Towards you
You take one

Look in the mirror
Do you see me?
Somewhere in the distance
Waiting for you
Faith arises
During the darkest hour
Give it a chance
Take a step forward


I once had a life
With no one to trust
But, I then witnessed
The light
Without trust
There is no future
No meaning
No direction in life
Without trust
A forked tongue
Leads to a bottomless pit

(Drums break)

You will smile
To be right
When you see the light in sight

(Drums begin)


(Keyboard SOLO)


(Keyboard SOLO)
(Drums BREAK)

(Rhythm Guitar)

Listen to me.
Trust me while in pain. It won’t go vain.
Trust me with your heart. I will not tear it apart.
Trust me with your soul. I will never let go.
Trust you. Trust yourself.
Trust me. Trust in me.

Trust me for I know what you’ve gone through
Trust me for I can show you the window
Trust me for I have gone through loss of faith
Trust me for I’ll push away the shadow, with light
It takes courage and time to trust someone
I’ve pushed my bruised arm towards you
Trust me for I’ve trusted you

Your trust has been misused by so many
But, I stay here to comfort you with my bleeding arms
I stay here with my fear of being hurt, yet I stay
I will let the light seep in by breaking the wall
Selfless I become for you to love than to be loved
For if you trust someone you’ll find
Yourself worthy of trust


Evaded me, are my desires, and the love I’ve buried deep inside
You’ve helped me live today, I’ve breathed to see my choice
Without trust this would not go this way

“I am burning in my quest to find myself
I am burning and help me be to be me and free me away”

(Guitar SOLO)


(Guitar SOLO)



I am invincible, if you leave my hand in the air
I want to be there when you need me
If you cannot trust, you cannot love
I am invincible, tell me that I am wrong
Tell me that we’re strangers

(Keyboard SOLO)

Photo by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;


20 responses:

Wendilea said...

Without trust there can be no love... so true. It takes a leap of faith to rise above past hurts and reach for a hand to pull you back to the light. Trust is the key and a hope for renewal. Great song Ajey!

Alexandra Garland said...

Great writing!
I agree that trust is the most important value... it is diminishing though from our lives... lucky those who find the courage to share it.

Walker said...

Great post, but you lnow, you always have one person to trust.
You just got to listen to your thoughts and find the rythmn of your cadence and if something doesn't walk with the same beat then it's a sour note.

SandyCarlson said...

I agree that trust is a greater compliment than love. Trust is objective whereas love is subjective.

Strawberry Girl said...

Trust is built over time, love is built over time it can't be rushed, forced or wished for it has to be built...

Real Me said...

@Wendilea - Thanks!!

Real Me said...

@Alexandra - Thanks! It is true!

Real Me said...

@Walker - So very true. Thanks!

Real Me said...

@Sandy - Hmm. Nice point there. Thanks.

Real Me said...

@Strawberry Girl - There is no doubt there. I readily agree. Trust needs to be earned, even if it is with HIM. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wonderfully written from the heart. I feel trust is very important in any relationship. One needs to feel that trust to love 100%. If you break a plate it can be fixed but it will never be the same. As like trust, if you break it..

TechnoBabe said...

Is the photo of a statue somewhere near you live? Trust is a huge deal, worthy of many posts and much discussion. For me, I got to a place that trust is not possible without true love.

Real Me said...

@Inky - True. Thanks!

Real Me said...

@TechnoBabe - The photo is from one of my road trips.

Yes, that it is.

Rainbow dreams said...

great writing as always :)
sometimes we trust instinctively, very occasionally - and sometimes it has to grow, but you're so right trust and love have to co exist... :)

Eva said...

"Trusting someone
is a bigger compliment
than loving someone"

Wow those words are amazing because there is immense truth there.

Shadow said...

trust a bigger compliment than love... that is very very true! love this one, ajey!

Real Me said...

@Rainbow Dreams - Thanks!!!

Real Me said...

@Eva - Thanks Eva!!

Real Me said...

@Shadow - Thanks, you!!!