Friday, April 3, 2009

This is Life

(Keyboard INTRO)
(Instrumentals - 1 minute)
(Bass Bridge)

He has no time without pain
Irritation and anger
His like for human nature fades away
Pacing through the alleys of Saturday
He gapes and gasps for breath
As he tries to dodge his death, once again

He takes a look around and sees no pity
He waits for a glimpse of kindness
He pleads for a dime, a dime
To survive, not for living

(Guitar Bridge)

He needs to live so that his could live
Longer and stronger
He prays for them
And, he begs for mercy, begs for strength and gratitude (DUAL VOCALS)
He gathers his strength and he is here now
So, show him mercy, show him strength and gratitude (DUAL VOCALS)

As you listen to all this, you pity
You pity to all this that you’ve seen
You just keep watching from the inside

You do nothing but keep watching

Time for you to get going
Time for your new upbringing


Once again you see him on the day!
As no one steps away!
The common unkindness spreads about!
It won’t change until you say!

Once you’re touched, you stand out and!
You see you’re alone!
Alone to lead the change!
The change in life!

(Keyboard Bridge)

This chance to redeem your life
A chance to free your guilty heart
To rise above with the feel
Of respect and honour (DUAL VOCALS)

None look at him but you watch
You watch to learn about life
No one hears to him but you listen

You listen and show him life

(Drums stop)
(Keyboard and Guitar solo)

Life filled with meaning and purpose
Purpose to live and to keep living

(Percussion, Drums + Guitar solo)
(Instrumentals – 2 minutes)

Oh, dear Life (BACKING VOCALS)

(Guitar Bridge)
(Keyboard solo)

You feel life within your soul
You reach the higher ground you’ve heard in life
You listened to his innocent voice
And, you showed him mercy, showed him strength and gratitude
You felt his need and saw his deeds
So, you showed him mercy, showed him strength and gratitude

You showed him mercy, showed him strength and gratitude

Oh, Oh
This is Life (EXTRO)

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2002 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675;

Image by Walt K

44 responses:

Woman in a Window said...

I think we need to all take the time to recognize in each other what is common. Take the time to really see one another, even those who don't seem to fit.

I find this especially powerful:
"His like for human nature fades away
Pacing through the alleys of Saturday"

Brosreview said...

@Woman in a Window - Thanks a lot!!!

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi Ajey,
Love this one!!! It makes me feel like there is hope for humanity.
Nice work!!

Shadow said...

life. and the influences of another. which, no matter what you say, does have an influence, an effect, because we do not live in a bubble. by ourselves.

Brosreview said...

@Alexandra - Thanks a lot!!! Yes, I believe there is always hope.

Brosreview said...

@Shadow - Yes, I agree with you, there is always an influence. Thanks for reading.

Saadi said...

So I'm gonna take a wild swing and say that the theme is that of a beggar! Is it?

It's a good thing; I liked it really! And it happens so frequently, like I'm waiting in my car at some signal and I see these people begging!

I mostly keep watching, it's just once in a while that I roll down the window and hand out some money!

Good one, Ajey!

Thumbs up!

Brosreview said...

@Saadi - It is rather about a "needy" person Saadi. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

'He needs to live so that his could live' ????????????????
You're typing too fast and missed something out here, right? Or is it me again? *sigh*
I thought it should read 'He needs to live so that his life(or something) could live
Longer and stronger '
Are we not all needy in some way, even though we may not admit such. we reconize such by it being reflected in others, yes? Ha! It is too early in the morning for me!

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - By simply leaving at "his" I mean, anything that belongs to him / is close to his heart. So, that's all right SarahA.

PULKIT said...

nostalgic yet beautiful piece!

Brosreview said...

@PULKIT - Thank you!!!

Rikkij said...

I've been down that saturday alley. when you wrote this, you didn't need a map. knew just where you were. nice. ~Rick

Brosreview said...

@Rikkij - Thank you!!!

Abz said...

Oh this is so sad Bros'

a life lived, that you dont know unless you walk it... beautiful

Brosreview said...

@Abz - Thank you!!! Yes, it was quite sad!!!

sudharm baxi said...

This life truly is tough for those without the necessary resources; necessary feedings, necessary air, necessary water..

Loved this part so much..

You felt his need and saw his deeds
So, you showed him mercy, showed him strength and gratitude

Not only because of his needs but also his deeds...great thinking..

Saadi said...

Oops!! The term "Beggar" was rather loosely implied!

Thanks for the corrections!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

so very brilliant and powerful.

Brosreview said...

@sudharm baxi - Thank you!!!

Brosreview said...

@Saadi - No worries!!!

Brosreview said...

@Preetilata - Thank you!!!

Cynthia said...

Wonderfully spiritual and hopeful.
This song should be heard by many,

Brosreview said...

@Cynthia - Thanks a lot!!! It means a lot to me.

Make Me Disappear said...

Ajey brother, this is a stunner.

I loved the theme, I loved the song.
I think most of us are living such a life...

Loved these lines
"He pleads for a dime, a dime
To survive, not for living

He needs to live so that his could live "

Great work once again.....


Anonymous said...

I'm reading through tainted lenses, but it actually made me sad and dislike humanity. We are all needy, beggars or not, wealthy or not, in health or not...its the shackles that make us human - needing.

It is a touching piece Bros, nice work.

Brosreview said...

@Make Me Disappear - Thank you!!! Yea, most can relate to this one.

Brosreview said...

@Meena - I understand and relate to what you say. And, honestly, that is what provoked me to write this piece. Glad to know that you think so too.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Always comforting to know someone understands.

SandyCarlson said...

I felt I was reading the bio of a friend as I made my way through this song. Where is the kindness, I wonder. Where is my kindness?

Brosreview said...

@SandyCarlson - I am glad you connect with this one. Sometimes, even I ask myself the same question, "where is my kindness?".

Brosreview said...

@Meena - Yes, it is nice to know someone thinks like me. Thanks again.

Maverick said...

Wow, impressive work! Luvd ur blog! besides ur dat u delve into music strikes a chord with me!
Nice work! :)

Brosreview said...

@Maverick - Thank you!!! I'm glad you like this one!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I have come back to this with new eyes Ajey! Ha! I have been trying to imagine this as a song and NOT a Poem. With music flying around my head and a rhythm pulsating my being. I swallow my last words *glup* Very good, you.

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - Thanks for coming back!!! And, glad you like this one.

Noelle said...

common unkindness spreads...that is so people look the other way and choose not to go out of their way..we are all in need of something, hoping others won't look the other way. Great writing!!

Poetikat said...

Ajay - Tagging you for a nice meme. Check it out at Invisible Keepsakes.


Brosreview said...

@Noelle - Thanks a lot!!!

Brosreview said...

@Poetikat - Sure, I shall do that shortly.

Walker said...

You get out of life what you put in it, including kindness and mercy.

Nice post

Brosreview said...

@Walker - Amen to that!!! Thank you!!!

island of peace said...

painfull, beautiful and thought provoking.. i love the way your songs always contain a strong message..
best wishes,

Brosreview said...

@island pf peace - I am glad you like it! Thanks!