Thursday, September 2, 2010


The first greeting
For the day
Comes from the crow

Frightening the sun
The wind, and the leaves
It stands strong

It gave her company
In the fields of green
Precious scarecrow, he leans, but never sits

Under the moon
The scarecrow is bored
But, he stands with the pain in his legs

The cruel unforgiving winds
Of winter
Whitens the sleeves of the scarecrow

Pointing at the empty field
He knows not where summer has gone
He feels warm, because she’s there

The scarecrow bows
To the end of the funeral
And, awaits the new child

Insects fly
They cry
Where once the scarecrow stood

With the end
The scarecrow grows longer
But, then, the shadow declines

Without the scarecrow
The field is lonely

She dreamt
She dreamt she was alone
She dreamt she was alone in an empty field
But, she wasn’t

Photo by Ajey Padival

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

14 responses:

SandyCarlson said...

Powerful and sad and beautiful. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

this is sad , scary and beautiful. The feeling of being alone , at the end is scary. but so so Beautifully written,

I am glas she was not alone. sort of like the poem " foot prints in the sand" HUGS

The Write Girl said...

This is quite a nice change for you...I like how you dapple in poetry. I enjoyed this post on the scarecrow AJ.

Scribbling Girl said...

That was sad...but yet so true...perfect depiction of a scarecrow...also depicts how humans feel when all alone.

Opaque said...

@Sandy - That was the effect I was looking forward to achieving. Thanks!

Opaque said...

@Inky - Yea! Thanks!

Opaque said...

@The Write Girl - Thanks, you! Yea, sometimes I take a break from songwriting and prefer poetry.

Opaque said...

@Scribbling Girl - THanks!

Triana said...

I love this piece! The picture is magnificent, and the poem very beautifully written. Also, I'm not sure how long you have had this particular header, but I love it! Very well done!

Strawberry Girl said...

The scarecrow stands for all humanity, and yet the crow is unaware of our oblivion. Well written Ajey!

Opaque said...

@Triana - Thanks!

Opaque said...

@Strawberry Girl - Yes. Thanks!!!

Shadow said...

even something 'scary' provides comfort and security to the right one...

Opaque said...

@Shadow - True. Thanks!