Thursday, July 29, 2010

Support in Friendship

I don't normally do this, but I had to do so, because I believe I am a good person with a good heart. And, a good person acknowledges and appreciates good deeds.

I have analyzed and realized infinite things in my life, and I continue to do so. If given the chance I get close to people and touch their hearts, but if not, I still make an effort. On the other hand, the vice-versa has seldom happened.

I have been going through a difficult time. Seems like this time of the year has always been hard for me since I was 16. Death becomes the most prominent thing in my life during this phase. Death of a relative, death of a friend, death of a friendship, death of an understanding, death of faith, death of a relationship... you name it, and it has happened.

I believe support is one of the most important features in friendship. Many people claim to be there whenever you need them. But, how many of them stick up to their word?

I shiver as I write this. Why? Because I am in immense pain. I have been blessed with 6 best friends who have quickly become my crutches whenever I have needed them. Most of these friends are doctors, but despite their intense schedule they have forked out time for me and my bad times. They have helped me stand up on different occasions.

I am blessed to have such supporting parents and a sister, Ashika who would literally do anything for me. Her words as she cried on the phone, "Are you all right? Please answer this honestly. You never show your pain. You always hide it. You take others pain, and never show yours. Stop doing that anna. You care too much. Come home! We love you!" It still brings tears to my eyes.

I love you mum and dad. I love you Ashika.

But, is there anything like caring too much?

Today, now, I want to mention one of them best friends who has cared to listen and talk to me unlike merely claiming so.

Understanding and closeness is one of those many misused words. She has been emotional to understand my emotions, but has been rational enough to understand its depth.

I am talking about my best friend, April Gerard. She is a beautiful human being, a dedicated friend, an active listener, a motivator, an optimist caring individual who will "fly across the globe to wipe away your tears", an intelligent speaker, a multi-talented creative head (a writer, a poet, a singer, a dancer, a visual art and music enthusiast, and an upcoming novelist).

But, it is not just these attributes that make her my best friend, and justifies the need for this post.

As human beings, we do not have time, but we need to make time for whom we care of. This is a special dedication to her because despite her own tough times, she has made time to make sure I am all right. She has taken the time to understand me, correct me when I have been wrong, lift me up when I most needed it.

When everything in my world started to fall apart, instead of standing out, she boldly walked in.

She knows my weaknesses, but highlights my strengths, feels my fears, but assures me of my faith, she sees my disabilities but helps me focus on my possibilities. She showed her faith and love for me in times of real trouble, and not just during happiness. This is my best friend April!

April, I have already confessed to you how I had misunderstood you because I had not gotten a chance to know you more. I hope I am forgiven for the same. Let me confirm that you have been a great support for me. And, I know you will continue to be so.

I can be intelligent with you, and I can be stupid without the fear of being judged. I can speak my mind without filters because you, my friend, the one who matters will not mind at all. You've proved this with your pure friendship with Triana. And, now with me.

I shall always cherish my moments with you. I wish you the best and only the best in life because you deserve nothing but life's best.

Dear readers, please watch this video. This is one of those many songs April can beautifully sing, and a song that is helping me heal.

Here is a beautiful song April wrote for me. Thank you so much!!!

veiled truths told,
as his body fell to unfold the mire
He shook and shivered
an indignation of solitude bearing mark
to the hand of fire.

Her stare, penetrating deep and asking
of him nothing less than to stand.
Pity she held not, but a flame of wonder
at the beauty she saw in him,
the quake of humanness unraveled.

Grappled in tears unshed, fears yet unborn
the grasp of hands tiny and slender like twigs,
pulled him from his weight of heartaches
etched in stone, covered in stains of years that echo,
and her roots made still the earth on which he trembled.

Shhh, she whispered on the air towards his ears,
music unlike any of which he heard.
Soothing they were, those branches that reached for him
and a stare that washed away mud of disillusions,
giving way for him to see the kindness of thoughts given to him.

only black gives way to light, marking the pathway,
for light is found best in mid of night, as midday never has held it.
Shhh, she whispered on the air, take comfort where least have found it.
Shhh, I am here to hold the weakened steady,
to walk along the way and give what is needed,
to keep you on your stay- in this life.

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

25 responses:

findingmywingsinlife said...

WOW... I have no words.

Or maybe I'm not sure how to respond (you know me, I don't do flattery well and yet you've written this from your heart so how could I not respond!)
I am very glad that you think so highly of me as your friend. Sometimes all anyone needs is someone to listen when you need to pour it out and reassurance that there is a little faith in you. I think you're doing just fine standing up and pulling the pieces back together and moving forward towards everything you ever wanted to accomplish in life...

Thank you for this :)

The Write Girl said...

What an amazing and personal post AJ. I'm sure your friend is honored to read your words. Sometimes, you only need one person in your corner. I find your writing quite inspiring here.

Walker said...

Life is a strange bird.
She sings songs of laughter and love then tears your heart out with her songs of sorrow.Death is but a chorus in a symphony of living life.
You can;t feel life without death.
We charish what we loose more than what we have because we miss it more when it's gone.

Sometimes we are bless with a few to contribute to that melody with their own style and beat.

Just as those who have reached out with their hearts to comfort you, you have here humbled yourself to your won humility and generosity.

Live and life will love you
Give up and you would never be

One of your best posts

Shadow said...

we are blessed but a few times with friends such as these and we don't always cherish and value them enough. this tribute is heart-warming.

SandyCarlson said...

I am glad you have such a good friend. My friends have helped me through a lot lately, too. And I am so grateful. That song captures it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Ajey my dear one, i who have been away form the blog world because of needing time with loved ones, and my own pain. I am always thankful for friends, true friends who help ease even a little minute of pain. I no not of how your pain is caused nor do I need to know. I do know you are in the arms of angels, and I pray you find all the comfort you need. Do not give up, I know their have been times we all want to.

Such a great tribute to your friend April, ty for sharing . Bless you both.

Viji said...

Ajey, you are fortunate to have such a family and friend. Equally, they are fortunate to have a family and a friend like you... i am overwhelmed..
I am adding the same words you wrote in one of my posts..."It is good to see people remembering the ones who were there with them during uphill struggles. There are very few of you left in this world."
God bless you, Ajey!

Alexandra Garland said...

Ajey, Angel is one of my favourite songs too... Life is not always a walk on the beach... Wish you smooth sailing.

James said...

It's always a joy to feel your heart, no matter where it's coming from. TechnoBabe is my best, and only, friend. I have a sponsor, but by definition they aren't friends.

Yet I am at peace.

Wendilea said...

The joy of a good friend who is also a wonderful poet.... healing doesn't get better than that. Blessed be!

Eva said...

A true friendship is like this. It doesn't waiver in good or bad times. I'm so glad to hear you are this close to someone and are able to be who you are with her. I could say similar things for my best friend.

Scribbling Girl said...

wow what a beautiful post for friendship! When a friendship is pure and honest it never needs words just expressions and that is all :) If we find one such friend in it world things just sail through!
I have being through such tough phase so i know.....and its true best friends sails one through.....glad if one finds even 1 such friend.....i am sure u will sail through the tough time.

Real Me said...

@findingmywingsinlife - I am glad you liked it.

Real Me said...

@The Write Girl - Yes, you are right. I am fortunate to have such good friends around me.

Real Me said...

@Walker - Thanks so much!

Real Me said...

@Shadow - Pity! We do not express our gratitude to such people.


Real Me said...

@Sandy Carlson - Thanks!

Real Me said...

@Inky - Thanks!! I have never given up NOR I will.

Real Me said...

@Viji - Thanks! I am glad to know that my words had an affect on you.

Real Me said...

@Alexandra - Yes, I know. Thanks!

Real Me said...

@James - Nice to know! And, thanks.

Real Me said...

@Wendilea - Yes! Thank you!

Real Me said...

@Eva - Yes. I am glad to know you have someone like that. I reckon people are blessed to have someone like that. Thanks!

Real Me said...

@Scribbling Girl - I know I will, because I have. Thanks.

Rainbow dreams said...

Such a lovely post. We truly are blessed when we find such friends.
When we find them it is like finding treasure.
From experience I think that sometimes the mist clears to reveal those who aren't all they appeared to be, and who we wanted them to be, but in clearing the mist we sometimes see those who have been there all along shining brightly :)