Monday, May 17, 2010

Analyzing Mysticism

I can hear the sharp leaves and branches of the palm trees lashing out. Perhaps, they want to detach themselves and become free. They are unforgiving to the trunk. But, the trunk never complains. It still stands tall and strong.  The shoot does not give up. The root does not give up. I keep running as I crush the leaves beneath my feet and care less to take another look at them. I keep running. I keep panting. I keep running for miles.

Then, suddenly, I hear nothing. I turn deaf to everything apart from my heartbeat and the hissing of someone I cannot see. I turn around to attend to my curiosity and find those eyes staring at me. And, then something unbelievable happens. I step forward. I step towards him. He keeps staring at me, and hisses. He sheds his skin, and I wait for him. His eyes clog up. After a while, after a long while, he begins chasing me again. I feel my heart racing. I fall into a river that is overflowing with water from the rain. He does not stop. I get into a cottage, hiding myself from him. The cottage begins to flood. Leaking ceilings, wet floors give me no route to escape. My sweat, my tears, my screams, the thunder, my vision, the lightning, my wounds, the dark clouds don’t stop him. He catches up. He sneaks through the tiniest openings. He curves around my legs, my chest and reaches for my neck. He bites me! But, I didn’t die. I woke up. A lesson learnt.

Snakes – they are the symbol of transformation, life, death and a new beginning. The psychic awareness of a transition of life from one to another is what is deduced from snakes in dreams. The clogging of its eyes before the shedding of its skin is a depiction of its control over what it prefers to see and not to see. It is a common symbol of transcendence, a therapeutic symbol by signifying medicine. It is a kind of mediation between heaven and Earth.

Snakes are also a symbol of evil. Recurring dreams about snakes is an implication of unresolved issues and fears. The possible way to get out of it is to get into a stage of lucid dreaming where you make yourself aware that you are dreaming. Becoming conscious in your dream and to be able to talk to the subjects in your dream is called lucid dreaming. Try communicating with the snakes. Ask them valid questions. As one cannot prolong the stage of lucid dreaming, you need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Resist yourself from waking up from the dream and attempt to last until the end of the dream as by doing so you can understand the root cause of the problem and resolve it.

There are many strings attached to this. The location where you dream about being with the snake/s matters. This is a strong clue that you are going through a trial. Being bitten but not killed in the process implies that the case is not as bad as you fear it is. If the snake dies after biting you, it signifies a male orgasm. Dreaming about being chased is a hint that you have been neglecting something quintessential. A problem delayed is a problem denied. So, attend to it, and resolve it, if you can. It is the dealing with it that is more important because as human beings, we ought to be responsible and courageous to face and defend them and/or bear the consequences. Permitting the snake to shed its skin and staying alongside is you honouring its decision. It is considered to be a noble way to die and to be reborn. It is similar to how a soldier prefers to be killed in the battlefield rather than being lamed. 

The snake’s decision to continue to chase you after shedding its skin is the 
haunting of an unresolved issue. It symbolizes a friend who will praise you for your good deeds, but will not step back from criticising you for your wrongdoings.  

Dreaming about getting enclosed by water, like a wet floor, leaking ceilings, floating through an ocean whilst a storm is a sign that some potential change in your life for the better is arriving. However, there will be hurdles in the beginning because you are amidst the storm. But, you have the waves to drift you away from it. If the scene in your dream takes place in your home, or a familiar setting, then the arriving change is going to be more benefitting. If it is at a place unknown, it is a prompt that something lucrative is waiting for you on unknown grounds. So, you need to deal with it with a clear heart and mind cleansed by the waters and deal it with bravery. It also indicates that despite any hardship, one must not give up on their respective principles of faith. 

Dreams about snakes imply the same as water in this context. However, if you have such dreams with fire replacing water, then you are in grave trouble. Still, conditions apply.  

Snakes are a sign of wisdom, creativity, change, healing, rebirth and resurrection, and not just evil.  

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Strawberry Girl said...

As you know, I have had dreams with water, but not with snakes. Mainly the focus of my dreams has to do with certain locations; like at my University during a difficult time, or I once had a dream that the dam broke up the canyon and we all had to flee to my parents house on the hill. Interesting that you connect these types of dreams with unresolved issues... Not sure how I feel about the concept of lucid dreaming, perhaps because it is very difficult for me to even dream at times...

I am liking reading your thought process sweetheart, Muwah!

island of peace said...

very very interesting. :) loved reading it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot to take in. Very good though. Interesting. I never really put much thought into such things before.

The Write Girl said...

I love your interpretation of dreams. Quite an interesting read here. Nicely written AJ.

Eva said...

Snakes really freak me out, and luckily I don't dream about them. I do dream about rising water quite a bit though s if that's a similar concept, this makes a lot of sense.

I like how you put thoughts out there. Very thought provoking.

findingmywingsinlife said...

The very first year I began blogging, this is what I did. Put my thoughts out there. I still do that every now and then, but mostly in drafts that rarely ever get published for the world. I do keep everything I ever written though and often will go back and read them...its very insightful and useful.
You're very good at deciphering dreams..but it does not suprise me coming from you. ah..this is getting to be a long comment, but you've sparked some thought here in my head.
Keep writing Ajey, you're very good at it.

Brosreview said...

@SG - Darling, yes, it is hard to go through the process of lucid dreaming, but, if the dream is recurring, the process helps a lot.

Muwah! And, I love you enjoying my posts darling!

Brosreview said...

@island of peace - Thanks

Brosreview said...

@Gavin - Thanks!

Brosreview said...

@The Write Girl - Thanks

Brosreview said...

@Eva - Thanks, you!

Brosreview said...

@findingmywingsinlife - Thanks.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

You know why I am delayed reading this post. :-( Apologies for that.

Now that I have read this post, I can see how nicely you have connected the dots to produce a whole new meaning to the dreams with snake and water. Lucid dreaming seems to be a very difficult concept and the one who is able to do so will most probably be a great Yogi. However, this post provide lucid explanation into understanding the mysticism which in most cases we choose to ignore.

A brilliant post, I must say.

Wendilea said...

Brings to mind D.H. Lawrence poem " Snake". Dreams are personal and only the dreamer can really know what is really going on. Nice post in what you have figured out here!