Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's this time

Innocent beginnings

(Piano – INTRO)

I’ve done many wrongs
I’ve lied, I’ve stolen
There are promises I’ve broken
But, you know me too well to know
That I would never
Take a life off another

(All instruments begin)

It’s your faith that’s brought you in here
You’ve done nothing wrong
But, you say, you’ve done
How far will you go for me?
And, have faith in me,
Your son

These tears are your child’s cries
But, this time there is no one who cares
It’s now, I realize

(Drums stop)

You mean a lot to me, Da

(Drums begin)
(Piano + Guitar solo)

Innocent defense

(Instrumentals – 30 seconds)

You board the train that’s on a track
To where it goes, we both don’t know
You follow me behind in the row
Where no one would go, no friend, no foe

You forgive me, you shower me with hope (+ ECHO x 1)

These tears are your child’s cries
But, this time there is no one who cares
It’s now, I realise
You mean a lot to me, Da

(Guitar Bridge)
(Music stops)
(Only Strings + Bass)

It’s too easy to be a father. It takes a lot to be a dad (SPOKEN)

(Other instruments begin)

Innocent playgrounds

(Instrumentals – 1 minute)

They say they’ll speak the truth
They’ll speak nothing but the truth
Without a shadow of ruth
Fingers point at me for things
I haven’t done this time

Still, you tell me to smile and
You smile back at me

You forgive me, you shower me hope (+ ECHO x 1)

(Piano solo)

The liar keeps lying
But, you never stop trying
To keep me away from dying
You keep on trying

I shall remember this henceforth
Never to believe these men of oath

(Drum Bridge)
(Guitar solo)

My silence is my worst enemy now
How do I tell you Da
The depth of the dark side I’ve reached
It’s hard to swim through these violent seas

Emotions make them decide
In hell, they want me to reside

(Music stops)
(Only Strings + Bass)

Help me!!! I didn’t do anything!!! (SCREAM)

Innocent plead innocence

(Instrumentals – 5 minutes)
(Guitar solo – 20 seconds)

Dressed in blue with yellow stripes!
There’s spit on our plate!
You say to fight for our right!
To get our life out of this plight!
I can’t take any more of this!
We hold our hands and!
Without the evidence!
We plead for innocence!

(Guitar Bridge)

Innocent walls

(Guitar and Keyboard duo – 3 minutes)

Scarred by faulty blames
Barred from salty lakes
My heart bursts into flames
Within four walls
My sickened life forsakes

Stuck in a drought of faith!
We need to get out of this wraith!
Of justice, mercy and clemency!

(Keyboard solo – 30 seconds)
(Drum bridge)

Innocent victims

(Instrumentals – 30 seconds)

Da, the seed of faith that you sowed in me
Has begun to flower

Years have passed by
With no one to listen
No one to talk to

The truth has gone to dust (DUAL VOCALS)

They have blocked the light! (DUAL VOCALS)
But, the light shines bright in my head
The lie stares at my face! (DUAL VOCALS)
But, I shall fight it with all my might

(Music stops)
(Bass Bridge)

Innocent fear (SKIT)

(Strings solo)
(Strings + Bass w/o drums)

SON: “Da, are you all right? Da!
Oh God in heaven, don’t do this to me, please.
Wake up Da”.   

I stay up all night
Visions of you fill my sight
I think of what’s wrong and what’s not
I remember you telling me to fight

I shiver

My tears glitter

The ray of hope shimmers

(Strings Bridge)
(SFX-Knock on door)

MAN: “Your father passed away an hour ago”.

(Music stops SILENCE)

SON: “Thank you very much” (+ ECHO x 3)

(SILENCE – 8 seconds)

(Violin + Guitar strokes only)

As flames fall from the sky
I stare and refuse to die
My eyes refuse to blink
My heart refuses to sink

These tears are your child’s cries
Now, there is
No one to care (DUAL VOCALS)
It’s this time
I realize
You meant a lot to me, Da

(Guitar Bridge)

Oh, you meant the whole world to me, Da! (SPOKEN)
You’re gone. Hope’s gone. (WHISPER)

(Violin EXTRO)

Innocent campaign – “Parade of innocence”

(Strings + Drums begin)
(Drum solo)
(Strings, Drums and Bass only)

“Free the four”! (X8) (ADLIB)

Innocent ending

(Strings + Guitar solo)

They push me into the well!
Full of misery and injustice!
It’s like being in hell!
The magic word cannot bring me solace!
No more!

(Guitar Bridge)

The saviour descends down!
To save us!
We, the innocent!
Scapegoats! (DUAL VOCALS)

So, when the truth rises
And, the blindfold unties
I’ll remember your words Da

(Strings + Drum solo)

“Believe in Him. Trust Him”
“The needy will never be forgotten”
“So, keep hoping for the right, my son. For we are saved by hope”

(Instrumental solo – 1 minute)

In the name of my father!
In the name of the truth!
I’ll fight for justice!
Until justice is got!

(Guitar solo)

Innocent victory


There is someone up there
Looking at us
 Smiling at us (DUAL VOCALS)

(Instrumental Bridge)

Truth triumphs
Wounds heal
A silver lining appears
And, darkness disappears

(Piano solo)
(Drum Bridge)

These tears are your child’s cries
Now, there is
No one to care for me (DUAL VOCALS)
It’s this time, I realize
You meant a lot to me, Da

Oh, I cry to the skies above
There’s no one here for me
It’s this time, I realize

(All instruments stop except Strings)

You meant a lot to me, Da

(Strings EXTRO)

Photo by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2008 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675;

12 responses:

LL Cool Joe said...

Nothing like a Father's love. :)

findingmywingsinlife said...

Wow. This is powerful and beautiful.

Katherine said...

Deeply moving Opaque!

magiceye said...

very beautiful

The Write Girl said...

Hi AJ...this is an interesting construction for this piece. I think each song can stand on its own and some connect very nicely.

Walker said...

Powerful yet delicate.
Great writing

TechnoBabe said...

To have a relationship with your dad like this one is an impossible dream for many of us. When I first started reading your blog didn't your dad leave comments sometimes? You have so much to be grateful for and you have such deep feelings.

Alexandra Garland said...

Powerful piece... the truth and the justice don't work on the same plane...

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful work.

Arjun said...


That was absolutely profound. I can't believe what I've missed. Your works have gotten even more ambitious and epic in scale. Phenomenal!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Interesting progression of subjects! It got me a bit claustrophobic as tho I were the prisoner while reading.
I like how it ends in victory of the strength of conviction, to apply what Da taught him, n fight for justice.
I bet the musical composition n motif adds another intense layer of incredible emotion-

I really miss my Dad, gone 20 years now. I'm very like him sometimes too.
Best of luck dealing with this grief- codolences

Scribbling Girl said...

This was powerful and emotional....I love the progression in the lyrics and the kind of things the music wd have done to it....wd be amazing to listen to it with darkness and emotions and everything in it......loved it.