Monday, June 28, 2010

Until now

(Harmonica INTRO)
(Guitar + Bass begins)

Until now
We rowed our boat
A paddle in your hand
Another in mine
Up and down it went
Yet, we smiled
No matter the currents
We knew we could
Pass them on

(Flute begins)

I took away the paddle
From you
Thinking that it
Would make you smile
But, it didn’t
I filled the blanks while
I should have let you speak
For yourself
Thinking that it
Would make you smile
But, it didn’t
How could I be so selfish?
Why did I take away the ground from beneath your feet?
I, who gave you hope
Have now torn you apart
How could I do such a thing?

(Flute stops)
(Strings begin)

Until now
I clapped with your palm
Being the other hand
It sounded lively
It sounded lovely
But now
The sound of my claps
Are no longer
Like the way they were
Because of me
Things have torn apart

It is now I realize
Oh, it hurts
It hurts so bad
But, “realization renders contentment”
It allows me to amend my ways

(Guitar solo)

I sail through life
No one to share my
Newly earned happiness

All I can say is
I am sorry
Give me a chance
Let us do this dance
Of life
I promise I won’t
Step on your toes
Ever again
This I promise you

Your happiness is all I need

 (Music stops)

Photo by Ajey Padival 
Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

13 responses:

TechnoBabe said...

This is a great learning and maturing voice. Asking to come back together and you have learned things that would make it better this time. You don't sound desperate, you sound sincere.

James said...

I'll be honest: it's far easier for me to feel and appreciate your words here. As an instrumentalist who writes long form - stories, etc, I really get into the content of these pieces. I do catch myself counting beats in my head and thinking about chords and what kind of strings, but I know you'll forgive me this extravagance, no?

Keep it up.

Eva said...

This feels like misunderstanding, which is quite common in love. We each grow as separate people, yet still need to grow as a whole. Although we think we know what makes them smile and makes them happy, sometimes it is lost along the way. We have the best intentions and still lose love, always wishing it could have remained. Every song of yours tells a story and conveys such emotion. I love reading your work.

Walker said...

Speaks the truth with life's wisdom

Rainbow dreams said...

we are always learning, always discovering things about us and about others.. hope all is well with you Ajey,
thoughts, Katie, x

Opaque said...

@TechnoBabe - Yes, I am being sincere here. I am amending my mistakes with sincere repentance.

Opaque said...

@James - AH yes, I see what you mean. I completely understand you imagining the music whilst reading my lyrics. I take that as a complement. Thanks.

Opaque said...

@Eva - Yes, rough patches to come along. The determinant is how strong we stay at such instances. Thanks!!

Opaque said...

@Walker - Thanks, you!

Opaque said...

@Rainbow Dreams - Thanks Katie! Yes, all is getting well.

The Write Girl said...

AJ this is a lovely song about second chances and new opportunities. Nice writing as always.

Opaque said...

@The Write Girl - Thanks

Shadow said...

i feel this one rather intensely... being without the paddle, the other hand...