Saturday, August 7, 2010

For You - Waking UP

There is something that she once shared with me. I think it is very intelligent and healing, and that you all ought to know, realize and implement this in your lives too. I have done so, and it has freed me.

This is what she once directed me to read - "A voice is calling to you, out from the wild of your heart. WRITE!! Write about life, write about love, write what you think and what you feel. Does anybody listen? It matters not, write anyway..."

Such a profound thought! It may appear to be quite simple and straight forward, but how many of us dare to follow this?

This woke me up to a realization that I want to share with you all. 

A very few people follow the words they utter. It is sad but true.

We all seek for happiness in life. We lay down paths to reach there. But, sometimes routes fall apart. We spend most of our time wasting on trivial things rather than contemplating of our present. We care less about the things we say and do. Then, we end up in the pits of regret. But, should we?

Regret it, but spend more time learning from it.

One should reevaluate their course of action. There is always a valid reason behind one doing something. Don't feel ashamed of it. Don't dishearten yourself. Don't be hard on yourself. Don't blame yourself. There is always someone who can understand and support you.

I understand you. I support you. I respect you. I understand your decision. I support your decision. I respect your decision.

And, I am not claiming all of this just for the sake of it. I see validity in it. I see YOU in it. I see your caring characteristic in it. I see your love in it.

I mentioned about my best friends in my earlier post. You all will be amazed by the fact that I speak to some of them as less as four to five times a year ONLY.

The question is - does talking everyday to your friend make him/her your best friend?

NO! It is the quality of the conversation, not the frequency of it that depicts the level of friendship.

One of my closest friends does not talk very much because of her busy schedule. I realize that most people will dislike this characteristic. But, I do not. Why?

I am considerate enough to understand her situation. I am loving enough to respect her. I am caring enough to support her. So, when I talk to her I try my best to not sound as if I am cross with her.

In my eyes, she is a winner! In my eyes, she is a success! I am proud of her because she listens to her heart and she does what is right for her, and her loved ones. And, I believe from the bottom of my heart, that she is going to be all that she has aspired to be. I know she will. I know she can.

So what if I don't speak to her regularly? So what if she was unable to be there when I have subconsciously needed friends around? As they say, it is not the gift, but the thought that matters most. And, I know, that she has kept me in her prayers. Isn't that suffice? To me, it is more that sufficient.

She is one of those friends whom even you readers may have in your respective lives; her voice makes you smile. Making her smile, teasing her to laughter makes you feel contented.

Individuals have their individual life to lead. No one has time for anything. We need to make time for anything OR anyone we care. That may be by actively participating in a conversation OR simply keeping them in your thoughts. Don't you all agree?

This is a wonderful life! On that note, I want to share this beautiful song. Happy Listening!!!

I want to say to her that she is loved. She will always be loved. She is a beautiful person. I see her, I see her reflections as well. She should not give up, she should keep trying because that is the essence of life. She will be contented of the fact that she has tried. As far as she can, she has been a close and a dear friend. 

Rest assured, as long as I am alive, I am here for you.

A warm hug to you! :)

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TechnoBabe said...

Hi my friend, How are you doing today? I like this post. It is a tribute to your good friends, in particular to one dear friend. Her advice to write no matter is anyone reads it or not is good advice I think. My blog has been good for me to work through my own stuff and it is the writing itself that helps. If someone reads it and it helps them too that is a blessing. I really like the song and the video, I went to iTunes and listened to more of their songs. I like them.
This is indeed a wonderful life.

Wendilea said...

Thank you for sharing that sage advice Ajey. I am reminded of a quote by Marilyn Monroe who said " Everyone is a star and deserves to shine." Shine on dear friend!

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you dear friend, thank you... it's very hard living in silence, living with a trepidation, a fear of hurting someone you care about. I will try to again follow my own advice...

Anonymous said...

I love this post and ty for sharing. I agree with write your thoughts, and who cares if no on reads it. you wrote it. I who was on a path of healing had a special friend like yours tell me the same and thats how I got into blogging and my path on healing. Smile,feel the Joy.Inhale the Serenity!Imagine &Smile with content and dignity. Fulfill.

A best friend does not have to be one who calls each other everyday. My best friend lives 2000 miles away , I may not talk to her as much as we both want but we make the effort to make sure when we do speak or email, we know we are always in each others thoughts and prayers and when we do think of one another we smile inside and out.

Real Me said...

@TechnoBabe - Hey! I am doing good. Writing helps. It always does.

Real Me said...

@Wendilea - Thanks!!!

Real Me said...

@Strawberry Girl - Yes, it is hard. You know you have a friend whom you can talk to when ever you want to. :)

Real Me said...

@Inky - True! It is the thought that matters most. Thanks!!

Rainbow dreams said...

this is beautiful :) I may not be around as often as I was but I am still here :) and really appreciate you finding me on fb, x

Shadow said...

once again, i'm really liking what i read here... firstly, how the superficial somehow takes precedence in our lives, when it is those very things that do not bring lasting peace and happiness. and secondly, with how deeply understanding (considerate?) you are of another...

Real Me said...

@Rainbow Dreams - Thanks!

Real Me said...

@Shadow - :) Thanks!!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think that writing is a way of reflecting, learning, and expanding ones views and ideas. to write despite whether or not someone reads it or even approves of it helps you to understand where you've been, where you want to be, and builds your own confidence in yourself.

and it a beautiful thing to know that friendship is valued and honored- which you've shown with your words here to your friend.