Monday, August 10, 2009

FUTURE: Open to invitees only

Hey all,

I hope all of you have been doing great. Hand on heart, I have missed being here and I shall continue to for some more time.

During this time of difficulty, I appreciate the support I've been offered by two blogger friends. Honestly, I thought friends made here would strictly stay within the blogosphere. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the support I have got outside this spot. April and Annie, thank you for your support. Also, I appreciate Diya, Riddhi, Viji and Chhaya's concern and I want to add, I hear you all and I shall be back.

Due to several reasons, I have decided to keep this blog strictly open to invitees only. So, if you are interested to keep following this blog that shall be active (fingers crossed optimistically) in a few weeks time, leave your e-mail ID as a comment. Since comments are moderated here, for privacy reasons, I shall not publish anyone's e-mail ID. I shall personally send you an invite to help you follow me.

To the ones whom I follow: Bear with me, I shall read almost all if not all the posts I've missed and leave a comment as well.

Take care!

4 responses:

Noelle said...

I hope you everything is ok -

thans for the invite to continue to read...

senidng good thoughts your way!

Wendilea said...

Blessed be to you who are so kind to all! So glad to be invited to your beautiful world here!

island of peace said...

i think its a wise decision to keep your works private, as it is your profession.

warmest wishes,

Inky said...

thanks for your time out to comment on my blogs, I cannot wait for your new writes.. SMILES