Tuesday, September 1, 2009


(Guitar – INTRO)

Moving in waves
Without a trace
Into a new phase
Shedding this grace with a new day

Becoming the past
Steadily so fast
Gonna be the one to last
Dodging the spell, you cast helps to breathe

Green has now turned to red
The look was mistook, red was never green
Red is now blue in your head
The look was mistook, red was never seen

(Guitar solo)

(Vocal high-pitch)
So for a while
Things seemed fragile
Waves touched the sand
Only to turn and leave the land


Green has now turned to red
(Backing vocals: Turned to red)
The look was mistook, red was never green
(Backing vocals: red was never green)
Red is now blue in your head
(Backing vocals: In your head)
The look was mistook, red was never seen
(Backing vocals: Red was never seen)

(Music stops)

(Rhythm guitar only)
Green turns to red
The look mislead
In the head
Red was never seen

(Music begins w/o drums)

Green has now turned to red
The look was mistook, red was never green
Red is now blue in your head
(Backing vocals: In your head)
The look was mistook, red was never seen
(Backing vocals: Red was never seen)

(Drum entry; Guitar solo)
(All instruments stop except rhythm guitar)

The unseen is never seen
The seen is never unseen (X2)(HIGH-PITCH)

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2009 (Brisbane, Australia; +61-434360675; ajeypadival@msn.com)

Image by fdecomite

30 responses:

The Write Girl said...

Hi AJ,

There is so much vivid imagery in this piece. The photo does justice to your words. I may be the first to comment on this post which is kind of cool : )

Brosreview said...

@The Write Girl - Thanks!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Hmm, this one left many images in my head all at once.

I thought of a person color blind, of the emotions different colors might represent to another, I thought of situations that would create colorful language, and oddly enough I thought of primary colors and how if you mix certain ones you get another color entirely. I even thought of hidden layers of seen and unseen things, like aura's and such. This intrigued me.

Incidentally, Blue is my favorite color.

Strawberry Girl said...

Green turned to red, red was never green and red was never seen therefore we are left with blue.

Red can ge anger
Blue dispair


Waves are blue

Wavy piece of music Ajey... ;D

Brosreview said...

@findingmywingsinlife - Intrigued, eh? That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for reading! I like your analysis!

Brosreview said...

@SG - Good on you!!! Thanks for reading!

Alexandra Garland said...

Like this one a lot!! It's fragile and gentle. Fragile reminds that life is precious.

"Waves touched the sand
Only to turn and leave the land"

Nothing ever stays the same.
Very well written as always!

Viji said...

mmm.. still thinking.. will come back to it again.. kind of mesmerised :) lovely piece..

There is a change in your writing style...I could sense the change but it eludes me when I try to nail. Or am I imagining?

Brosreview said...

@Alexandra - I like your thought. And, I am glad that you "like this one a lot". Thanks!!!

Brosreview said...

@Viji - Thanks!!

Jenny said...

Hi Ajey,

Poignant and beautiful! Most things turn out to be fragile, even if they appear to be solid at first, I think. Everything changes and I think that is one of the themes here. The poems feels like flowing water.

Great writing!

Brosreview said...

@Jenny - Thanks! Yes, I agree with what you've deduced from this. And, remember, this is a song, not a poem.

Robin said...

Life in itself is fragile. This is a lovely piece and I could really connect with the last two lines.
Great work as usual!

Brosreview said...

@Robin - Thanks!!

SarahA said...

I love the word 'Fragile'. I love not only the word, but the thought/act of such.I am liking the feeling of feeling fragile, whilst reading your words written.

Brosreview said...

@SarahA - Thanks for reading!

aditya said...

Heyy Ajey

I like this song. And the whole idea of something being fragile ... and constantly changing ..

Dabbling in the psychedelics .. ehh??

The third stanza is mesmerizing. Simply.
Looking forward to see more of you.

Brosreview said...

@Aditya - Thanks! You get the essence of it, don't you?

Diya said...

Hey AJ this was so lyrical! Felt like a poem, hehe :P
And their was a constant ping-pong effect, and if you can visualize it; it has the colors 2! Again I sensed something like, when you have tears in your eyes or when you wash your face and have water on the lashes, they form small hexagonal shapes of diff colors if you try to look through them, but they disappear as soon as you wipe them, they are really so fragile! The play of colors seemed so. I love visualizing your lyrics, try them out, it seems to be a diff world :) Great! :) I liked it :)

Brosreview said...

@Diya - I am glad you think so. Thanks!

Noelle said...

I've been pondering this song - it reminds me that the only thing that is permanent is impermanence and there is always so much left unseen as what we think we see seldom is just that.

Brosreview said...

@Noelle - "permanent is impermanence"; this is exactly what I thought whilst writing this one. I am glad you think so too. Thanks for reading and "pondering".

Inky said...

I an mot sure what I felt with these lyrics, you will argee with.

to me its about someone with a fresh start,new bigging with some but little traces of the past, one that has overcome that , renewed strength, a new beginning

love this, where the guitar solo begins, and the unseen is never seen, the seen is never unseen


island of peace said...

dear ajey,
its fantastic, loved the rhythm in it.
best of luck,

Brosreview said...

@inky - Thanks! And, I follow your interpretation!

Brosreview said...

@island of peace - Thanks!

Walker said...

The colors of emotion changes with the temperature of your heart and soul

Brosreview said...

@Walker - I was waiting for someone to mention that! Thanks!!!

Shadow said...

the last line... 'the seen is never unseen'... that is the sad truth. if only

Saadi said...

Okay, I'm a big big big fan of the verse about the waves! Completely in awe of it!

N while reading, the only thing I could think of was color-blindness! Bt then such ppl, mix up only red and green....argh, so confusing!!

Only ur writings muddle me up so bad!!