Monday, April 26, 2010

A choice

(Bass INTRO)
(Piano begins)
(Bass solo)
(Bass + Piano Duel)
(Strings begin)
(Lap steel guitar begins)
(Instrumentals – 2 minutes)

I’m moving forward
I’m moving myself forward
Halfway through
I think
Of the things
Halfway backwards
A dream
We cared

(Instrumental break – 4 seconds)

We shared
We climbed
But, crashed
Someone’s win
Another one’s loss
Someone’s smile
Another one’s tears
Rising towards that something
In search of something
That little something
That became nothing
No more

(Instrumental break – 4 seconds)

Morals leak
The silver lining I see
Becomes bleak
Peace rises up and falls
I collect the pieces
To find it again
But, the pieces of peace pierce me
Hurts me more
So many questions
No more answers
The best gift He gave is

(All instruments stop except piano)
(Piano solo)
(Drum roll)
(Guitar solo)
(Bass + Strings dual)
(Instrumentals 1 minute)
(All instruments stop except piano)

What more can I say?
Love one and all
This is my choice

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2010 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

Image by Helena91
Edited by Ajey Padival

22 responses:

Strawberry Girl said...

Darling, I am seeing the deeper meaning here and you have hidden it really, really well... when we are confronted with impossibilities, sometimes doing the impossible becomes the only choice. Muwah!

TechnoBabe said...

First of all, the title is a word and action very close to my heart. I see you agree with the action part with the second line in this post. No one is going to do it for us. We have to do the work. Striving for what we think is there only to find out it wasn't as important as we thought it was.The most difficult question is why can't there be peace. This sounds like it is coming from a place inside you that is very real.

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Moving on easier said than done, isn't it? Life must move on and it does without hindrance, but people stay back for a long time. It is tough to forget the golden days, the days of joy. It is hard to accept the nothingness that shrouds all possibilities of good hope. Yet, at times one becomes resolute, sheer defiance to accept defeat, to show the world that the individual can move on, but it hurts within with each step shattering dreams and hope. The message that this song sends out is very strong, needs to be read a few times and the meaning has to be discerned to understand the full picture. Great song!

The Write Girl said...

This is an amazing piece AJ. I find your words riveting especially the final lines. I feel like I'm repeating what I said before but well done!

Gavin said...

I love the verse after the first break. I can really relate to it right now. But overall this was a really good song. I wish I could hear the music to it.

Scribbling Girl said...

This is truly an amazing piece...Sometimes we r hardly left with a choice but one....Recently i went thru one such situation and this song so beautifully depicts that thought....But then we do have to move on and once again prove .

Beautiful work :)

Judith Ellis said...

Simply extraordinary, my dear nephew, you.

island of peace said...

This is beautiful. i loved the optimism which survived through all the pain, tear and despair.

Preetilata【惄】 said...

as well as an amazing and meaningful lyrics.

Chhaya said...

i see a deep sense of hurt and anguish. anguish not bcz someone hurts the writer (i m referring to the work here... not anything personal ) :) but the pain seems to be more bcz of indifference.... choices not made...

i love this style... but u already know that..

Leo said...

hey Ajey, long time no see. & i'm really sorry to have missed out on ur music.

i love this.. and putting the words to music in my mind, i can totally relate to it as well.

i like the first part about going forward and then looking back about the dream we cared.. it rang true.

keep writing Bros. i'll drop by as often as work permits, to review them.

Brosreview said...

@Strawberry girl - Yes! There is something more to it than can be seen. Muwah!

Brosreview said...

@TechnoBabe - Thanks!

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@Vittaldas - Thanks!!

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@The Write Girl - Thanks!

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@Scribbling girl - Thanks

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@Judith - Thanks Aunt!!!

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@island of peace - Thanks!

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@Preetilata - Thanks

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@Chhaya - Thanks!!

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