Monday, May 31, 2010

Look at me in Disdain

(Guitar INTRO)
(Drums begin)

Living the life that makes me alone
Stressing and messing with words
These things don’t affect the stone
I’m nearing eruption, you better be gone

All that I believed in has turned back to deceive me
Nothing makes sense at all
These morals have become useless chorales
It leaves me headless and aimless now

From outside the glasses
They insert the pain
They tap and encourage
And look at me in disdain

(Guitar SOLO)

Seasons change and so do I
The image projected is going to expire
I scan and borrow my next image
Devious, I turn into in bestial rage

Spending time, a lot of it with myself
Trying to explain, the me to myself
How did this happen? I feel invincible
I’ve fallen and taken the shape of the crucible

(Instrumental Section – 1 minute)

No need to explain to anyone around
These plastic people come and surround
Limitless methods I looked and have found
I need to take the impossible path to the ground

(Drum Bridge)

From outside the glasses
They insert the pain
They tap and encourage
And look at me in disdain

(Instrumental FADE OUT)

Photo by Ajey Padival 

Copyright © Ajey Padival 2005 (Brisbane, Australia; +61434360675;

18 responses:

The Write Girl said...

Qutie a heavy and powerful piece AJ. I feel there are times we can all relate to this. More amazing writing from you.

Strawberry Girl said...

This one is truly heartbreaking...

island of peace said...

it came from the deepest place of heart.

wonderfully written.

Nadege said...

hey AJ, this is one of my favorite
of your songs - clear and deep
as a carib. beach.
you completely nail the "atmosphere" that is out there.

Bernadine said...


This is very nice lyrics. You write nice songs. :)

TechnoBabe said...

I personally like to read feelings from so deep that most people don't want to hear them. Like for instance, people ask how are you and the pat answer if fine. When things are at the place as in this post, hooray for the writer to spit it out, viciously, spewing it all over the place if need be.

Strawberry Girl said...

Sounds like an animal in a cage... or someone on television...

Eva said...

"Seasons change and so do I"

This is exactly how I've been feeling lately. Everything you write had incredibly deep undertones.

Opaque said...

@The Write Girl - Yes, this is. Thanks.

Opaque said...

@SG - Yes! Thanks!!

Opaque said...

@island of peace - Thanks.

Opaque said...

@Nadege - Thanks!!

Opaque said...

@Bernadine - Thanks

Opaque said...

@technoBabe - I agree. Thanks.

Opaque said...

@SG - You are right! :)

Opaque said...

@Eva - Thanks!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

It has been long time since I read a dark and strong one from you and here it is. In our lives we trust a lot of people, we do not try to judge too much and then we are deceived by these people on whom we had trusted. The aftermath of this is that it becomes difficult or we become judgmental before trying to trust another soul.

Many times I feel the same way and hence I can safely say that at those times I would have been (and who know may be in the future as well) able to relate to this piece completely.

findingmywingsinlife said...

trying to explain the me to myself...we all do that, every last one of us at some point in time.

This is one of your best I think. It has edge to it, grabs the attention...great work here!