Thursday, October 18, 2012

An observation worth noting

Do you realize there are innumerable differences in cultures that are often pointed out by stand up comedians that lead to stereotyping and even worse - generalization! Chinese with their kung fu, Indians with their hairy bodies and curry aroma, Aussies with their sea gullish accent, Brits with their ability to make anything sound prestigious and intelligent and so on...

However, there is one thing, perhaps the only observation that remains the same every where.

This morning I saw a mom balancing herself on a thin road divider midst heavy traffic with the smallest size umbrella that she could afford under the pouring rains holding on to her daughter and leaning the umbrella to prevent her daughter from being drenched.

I am talking about Motherhood - that seldom noticed, overtly acknowledged but hardly realized and not truly understood factor that is the pedestal of purity, the symbolism, the metaphor and synonym for true love and affection.

No matter to what part of this wide World you go to Moms are the same - the one whom you cry for when you need love, sympathy, support, just pure and simple attention. Mom is she who will be her child's biggest fan, a warm and kind critique, a true lover, and every kids' list of people who can do anything for them starts and ends at their Moms'.

Moms are those whose satisfaction is not quenched just because they are good at work. Moms constantly try to be the best Mom ever by judging themselves, critiquing themselves only because they want their kids to get the best in care and comfort.

All they need in return is a smile in their kids faces, a hug, a kiss and a cost-free gift that says - I love you Mom.

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2 responses:

LL Cool Joe said...

Well my birth mother gave me away so I come from a slightly different perspective than you, but I know what you mean. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Great observation of universal commonality.
I so miss my mother, gone now 12 years. She definitely taught me what I needed to know about the world, n how to raise my children so they would know too.

As a mother what I need is to know I've done the best I could for my children. They were first- not me!
It becomes a habit- putting needs of others before your own.

Of course all Moms are not the same either- Stereo typing is always wrong- which my prof in sociology always preached. I do believe that.