Monday, October 8, 2012


There is so much violence around. Every body are in this race to reach power and looking for opportunities to show off their "hold" in the society. I feel that we are constantly trying to be better than the next person. The only time one should be looking at his/her neighbor is to make sure they h ave enough. Sadly though, nowadays, we sneak a peak into our neighbours yard in jealousy OR in pride. It is sad and it is not that we have come to this. This has been happening since generations.

What we ought to be is more humane - more succumb to emotions, rational whilst making decisions. And, that makes me ponder about this whole rational versus emotional dilemma. Aren't these two factors interconnected? Yes, sure, by definition they may mean two different things. But, don't you think to survive in this World existence of these two factors are needed and the interdependence of these factors are inevitable. I tend to call myself rational simply because I have made a decision in my mind, gone past the emotional rollercoaster ride and ready to execute my decision.

It also might depend on the subject over which a decision needs to be made. If I need to choose between potato wedges and fries my decision is undoubtedly going to be rational. I could be declared unstable and mentally unhealthy if I was emotional about it. On the other hand, if I were to make a decision about an emotional touchpoint in my life, there is no way I could simply jump to a rational decision. If I did, wouldn't it be considered "a heartless one" and "emotionaless one" and so on?

All these ongoing events in my life are making me stronger. I can feel the strength growing in me. It is so true that when you stay true to your Covenants and continue to strive to do the right thing you feel like you are in a better place already. It is great! And, isn't that very feeling of accomplishment of haven kept the Covenants and the rewards that follow a blessing?

I want to dedicate my life to serve humanity. That does not mean I need to become a Social Worker. I can do this in my own field. An Accountant can make sure she does the best in her field and not toy with numbers so that the company she is working in excel and become better than they were by catcholding their losses and tightening the noose on expenses. An Advertising Consultant can make sure he abides by his ethics as he invites concepts that are ethical from his mind to his mouth and to the World.

We can all do good. We don't need to compare ourselves with a firefighter. Have you noticed that when a firefighter who has saved many lives interviewed and appreciated, he says, "I was just doing my job".

Isn't living this life righteously just the same AKA living my life in a righteous manner is my job. Breaching from it by continuing to commit blunders and errors is like that arrogant student who does not want to pay attention in school but is still in class because he is forced to be there.

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Strawberry Girl said...

So very true. It's hard to remember/realize that you can be more humane and humble every day.

The Write Girl said...

Hi AJ, it's great to see you blogging again. And I agree that striving to be ethical in our own lives is very important. We become so unhappy when we compare our lives to others so it is wise to be the best you can be. Nicely written.

Lady Whispers said...

Lovely to see you blogging....though I am so off it nowadays ...but proud to read this post ...for its for people like you that world survives :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sometimes I question all of the things our society gets us to do- Especially artificially imposed perceptions of who should be in power. IE: men often putting women down, as if they aren't intelligent enough to be in charge or on front lines of the military.

Every time some one says I shouldn't take out the trash or lift something I still get angry. I am not everyone else. I try never to stereotype others either- but society does the bunch folks together thing so well!

Also I hate when what makes more money always over-rides what human ethics should decide. Sometimes I hate being part of the race that does these things to others.
But at least there are souls like you n me to try to tell the powerful that they are wrong!

You always have to live by what is true in your heart. You care about others or you don't. You try your best or give up. These things define us. Helping one little person can effect the rest of their life...